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The research center assists in the recruitment of talented research-oriented faculty; works in conjunction with other institutional offices to locate funding sources for research; facilitate development and integration of research programs; and provide support for all aspects of research on diseases of the orofacial complex.  Students with a degree in dentistry who are conducting research in conjunction with members of the research center may be candidates for the DDS or MS degree through the graduate or post-graduate programs of the School of Dentistry. Founding the National Dental Material Reference Laboratory and publishing a Dental Journal in English language are among the important missions of the center.




  1. Development of information and communication technology

  2. Research prioritization in dentistry

  3. Cooperation with national and international dentistry-affiliated centers

  4. Locating funding sources for research

  5. Improving the research capabilities of the members

  6. Founding the National Dental Material Reference Laboratory

  7. Publishing a Dental Journal in English language

  8. Improvement of human resource management





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