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In 2011


  • Khami MR, Ghadimi S,…Attitudes toward oral health behavior among students of dental schools in Tehran. Journal of Islamic dental association 2011;22(4):223-232


  • Mirzaei M, Yassini E…In vitro enaluation of fuji IX glass ionomer to microleakage after exposure to hydrogen peroxide 35% in class V restoration. Journal of Islamic dental association 2011;22(4):248-254


  •  Azimi – Hoseaini S,  Mashhadi – Abbas F ,  Kharrazifard MJ ….Comparison of cytological findings of the buccal mucosa smokers and non smokers . Journal of Islamic dental association 2011;23(1):10-16


  • pahlevan A ,  Mirzaei M ,  Akbarian S.Shear bond strength of zirconia post to root dentin with different cements and comparison with fiber posts. Journal of Islamic dental association 2011;23(1):17-23


  •  Mirzaei M,  Pahlevan A ,  Hasani - Tabatabaei M … Effects of different surface treatments on bond strengths of a non – metallic post in root s canal. Journal of Islamic dental association 2011;23(1):38-48


  • Ghavam M ,  Hasani – Tabatabaee M,  Arami S …Bond strength of resin cements to noble and base metal alloys two surface treatments. Journal of Islamic dental association 2011;23(2):79-86


  • Yassini E,  Kermanshah H , Sedaghati  M. Influence of surface treatment on microtensile bond strength of self – adhesive resin cement to zirconia. Journal of Islamic dental association 2011;23(2):87-94


  • Mahmodian J , Afshar H,  Darvish H .Comparison between shear bond strength of composite resin following conditioning with Er Cr YSGG laser and acid etch on the enamel surface in primary canines. Journal of Islamic dental association 2011;23(2):105-109


  • Hasani – Tabatabaee M ,  Momeni SN ,  Khorshidian A .The detection of early inter proximal caries : DIAGNOdent , conventional and digital radiography. Journal of Islamic dental association 2011;23(2):116-124


  • Atai M ,  Alikhasi M ,  Siadat H .Evaluation of solubility of modelling plastic in contiguity of ethanol and plasticizer. Journal of Islamic dental association 2011;23(2):134-139


  • Mallakzadeh MR ,  Atefi E , Nokar S.Investigating the effect of bone radius , thickness and strength on stress distribution of bone tissue around a dental implant using finite element method. Journal of Islamic dental association 2011;23(3):148-154


  • Kermanshah H,  Hashemi – Kamangar S,  Arami S.In vitro evaluation of antibacterial activity of extract Salvia officinalis and carum copticum against cariogenic microorganisms . Journal of Islamic dental association 2011;23(3):155-161


  •  Hasani – Tabatabaei M,  Yasini E,  Mirzaei M.The effects of different surface treatments of a fiber post on its bond strength with a composite core in endodontically treated teeth. Journal of Islamic dental association 2011;23(3):162-170


  • Haghgoo R,   Saderi H ,  Kharazi- Fard MJ .Laboratory evaluation of the effect of fluoride – releasing fissure sealants on growth of oral Streptococcus. Journal of Islamic dental association 2011;23(3):189-195


  • Sadri D , Abdollahi AR,  Kazemian A.The effect of head and neck radiation therapy on salivary biochemical indicators. Journal of Islamic dental association 2011;23(3):196-202


  • Banava S,Noohi S, Aghajani F…In vitro comparison of solubility of resin modified glass inomer and a base containing hydroxyapatite in water , acid and artificial saliva. Journal of Islamic dental association 2011;23(4):262-269


  •  Bashizadeh Fakhar H ،  Abbaszadeh A.Effect of mandibular plane angle on image dimensions in linear tomography. Journal of dental medicine 2011;24(1):42-49


  •  Yasini E ،  Kermanshah H ،  Mirzaie M ،  Ranjbar Omidi B. SEM evaluation and comparision of marginal integrity in glass-ionomer and copmposite class restoratins with immediate or delay polishing. Journal of dental medicine 2011;24(3):139-147


  •  Sharifian MR ،  Shokouhinejad N ،  Monsef Esfahani v ،  … Antimicrobial effect of Citrus aurantifolia extract on Enterococcus faecalis within the dentinal tubules in the presence of smear layer.  Journal of dental medicine 2011;24(3):148-155


  • Hosseini MH ،  Mahmoodzadeh M ،  Kamali A. Effect of low level therapy on orthodontic movement in human.  Journal of dental medicine 2011;24(3):156-164


  • Alikhasi M ،  Siadat H ،  Monzavi A ،  Naseri M ،  Sheikhzadeh S. The effect of porcelain veneer and coloring pigments on microtensile bond strength of a zirconia ceramics.  Journal of dental medicine 2011;24(3):165-171


  •   Ashofteh yazdi K ,Shokouhinejad N…Evaluation of the doxycycline release from AH26 sealer- doxycycline combination:an ex vivo study.Iranian endodontic journal 2011;6(4):160-167


  • Kia SJ.a, Sahebjamee M.b, Mighani G.c, Mohaghegh hazrati S.The Impact of Immunotherapeutic G2 Vaccine onTreatment of Oral Lichen Planus. Shiraz Univ Dent J 2011; Vol.11, Supplement:29-34


  • T Hosseinzadeh Nik ،  N Shahsavari ،  D Gholami…Evaluation the Need and Demand of Orthodontic Treatment in 12 Years Old School Students in Abade, Iran.

Iranian Journal of Epidemiology 2011; 7(1): 44-50




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  •  Mansourian A , Momen – Heravi F, Saheb – Jamee M. Comparison of Treatment Efficacy of Daily Use of Aloe Vera Mouthwash With Triamcinolone Acetonide 0.1/0 on Oral Lichen Planus : A Randomized Double – Blinded Clinical Trial . Am J Med Sci. 2011; 342(6):447-51


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  •   Movassaghian S , Barzegar-Jalali  M, Alaeddini M. Development of amitriptyline buccoadhesive tablets for management of pain in dental procedures.July 2011,Vol.37, No.7 : 849- 854






  • Moslemi  N, Mousavi Jazi  M, Morovati SP... Acellular dermal matrix allograft versus subepithelial connective tissue graft in treatment of gingival recessions: a 5-year randomized clinical study.Journal of Clinical Periodontology  2011 Dec;38(12):1122-9


  •  Ninette Hacopian1, Tahereh Hosseinzadeh Nik*1,3, Mohammad Hossein Ghahremani.Effects of Continuous and Interrupted Forces on Gene Transcription in Periodontal Ligament Cells in Vitro. Acta Medica Iranica, Vol. 49, No. 10 (2011):643-649


  •  Seraj B, ShahrabiM, MotahariP….  Kharazifard MJ . Microleakage of Stainless Steel Crowns Placed on Intact and Extensively Destroyed Primary First Molars: An In Vitro Study. Pediatric Dentistry, 2011 Nov-Dec;33(7):525-8





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  •  N. Jalayer Naderi ،  M. Niakan ،  M. J. Kharazi Fard ،  S. Zardi. Antibacterial Activity of Iranian Green and Black Tea on Streptococcus Mutans : An In Vitro Stud. J Dent (Tehran). 2011 Spring;8(2):55-9


  • AR. Rokn ،  AAR. Rasouli Ghahroudi ،  A. Mesgarzadeh…. Evaluation of Stability Changes in Tapered and Parallel Wall Implants: A Human Clinical Trial. . J Dent (Tehran). 2011 winter;8(4):186-200


  • MS. Ahmad Akhoundi ،  M. Rahmati Kamel ،  SH. Mahmood Hashemi …tensile bond strength of metal bracket bonding to glazed ceramic surfaces with different surface conditionings. Dent (Tehran). 2011 winter;8(4):201-208










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