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In 2010


7th lnternational Orthodontic Congress.Sydney Australia 6-9 February 2010


  •  The Comparison of Dolphin imaging Software and Manual Prediction of Soft Tissue Changes after Orthognathic Surgery

Mohammad Sadegh Ahmad Akhondi (oral)


  • Evaluation of Cooperation between Orthodontist and Maxillofacia Surgeon in Treatment Outcome of Skeletal Class III Patients

Mohammad Sedegh Ahmad Akhondi Hooman Sadr Haghighi


  • How Do Load Cells and Crosshead Speeds Affect Orthodontic Shear Bond Strength Tests?

Faramarz Mojtahedzadeh /Mohammad Sedegh Ahmad Akhondi /Ehsan Javadi


  • The Use of Artificial Intelligence in Orthodontic Treatment Planning

Hassan Noroozi/Mani Hamzian


  • Evaluation of Rotational and Vertical Dimensional Changes of Face and Jaws Followed by Functional Therapy in Cl II Female Patients

Tahereh Hosseinzadeh Nik /Amin Salem Milani/Negin Shahsavari



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