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In 2010

  • Kermanshah H., Yassini E., Bitaraf T.Effect of curing time and application of one bottle bonding on shear bond strength of composite to dentin. The Journal of Islamic dental association 2010;21(4):254-260


  • Agha-Hosseini F., Arbabi-kalati F.Mercury concentration in unstimulated whole saliva in high school students in Tehran.  The Journal of Islamic dental association 2010;21(4):269-274


  • Hosseinzadeh-Nik., Tahoori Z., Momeni N.Corrilation study between true horizontal plan, common horizontal and wertical parameters The Journal of Islamic dental association 2010;21(4):289-295


  • Sodagar A, Ahmad-Akhoundi MS, Momeni  SN….Cephalometric correlation between facial dimensions and sagital and vertical position of anterior teeth. The Journal of Islamic dental association 2010;22(1):9-16


  • Yassini E , Pahlavan A , Mirzaei M .Effect the thermal and mechanical load cycling on microleakage of packable composite resin. The Journal of Islamic dental association 2010;22(1):17-22


  • Agha-Hosseini F., Mirzaii-Dizgah I.Serum progesterone level in menopausal women with oral dryness. The Journal of Islamic dental association 2010;22(1):30-34


  • Etemad-Moghadam S., Alaeddini M., Mozaffari B.Angiogenesis in salivary gland mucoepidermoid carcinoma and histologic grading . The Journal of Islamic dental association 2010;22(1):35-41


  • Seraj B., Shahrabi M., Afshar H.Evaluation of intelligence quotient in children with early first permanent molar eruption. The Journal of Islamic dental association 2010;22(1):60-66


  • Alaeddini M, Mousavi D, Eshghyar N, Etemad- Moghadam S. Evaluation of eosinophilic infiltration in oral squamous cell carcinoma and its correlation with cervical lymph node metastasis and histological grading . The Journal of Islamic dental association 2010;22(2):93-99


  • Paknejad M, Khorsand A, Veisi N,. Moslemi N, Kharazifard MJ.Azithromycin as an adjunct approach in Non-surgical treatment of chronic periodontitis . The Journal of Islamic dental association 2010;22(2):100-107


  • Kermanshah H, Hasani-Tabatabaei M, Sereshti H,. Azadi M.Evaluation of monomer elution from two dentin bonding agents cured with halogen and LED lights. The Journal of Islamic dental association 2010;22(2):120-126


  • Agh-hosseini F, Mirzaii I, Mirjalili N.Serum cortisol level in menopausal women with dry mouth. The Journal of Islamic dental association 2010;22(3):145-150


  • Khalili M, Motahhary P,Afsharianzadeh M.Immunohistochemical evaluation of p53 and ki-67 expression in selected development anf inflammatory odontogenic cysts. . The Journal of Islamic dental association 2010;22(3):182-189


  • Mirzai M,Atai M,Yassini E….The effect of incorporation of different concentration of ethanol as a solvent on the microshear bond strength of a solvent-free dentin bonding agent. The Journal of Islamic dental association 2010;22(3):190-195


  •  Ghavam M ،  Arami S ،  Reshad M …Production of an experimental bonding agent containing doxycyicline as matrix metalloproteinase inhibitor, and its release rate. Journal of Dental Medicine, 2010;22(4):152-58


  • Omati Shabestari GH ،  Haj Mir Agha H ،  Shahabi S… Fracture resistance of fiber-reinforced composite and zirconia all-ceramic systems for posterior partial dentures. Journal of Dental Medicine, 2010;22(4):179-84


  • Ghorbanzadeh A ،  Aminsobhani M ،  Asadian H ،   Kharraziefard MJ….Comparison of coronal salivary microleakage in obturated root canals using lateral compaction, single cone gutta-percha and System B vertical compaction methods. Journal of Dental Medicine, 2010;22(4):159-64


  • Hosseini MH ،  Kamali A ،  Mahmoodzadeh Darbandi M. Evaluation of effect of low level laser therapy on pain during orthodontic tooth movement in human. Journal of Dental Medicine, 2010;23(1):21-26


  • Chalipa J ،  Hosseini MH ،  Hosseinian Serajelou MK ،  Khorshidian A.Examination of third molar Missing in skeletal Cl I , Cl II in Tehran dental school patients during 2001-2006. Journal of Dental Medicine, 2010;23(1):38-42


  • Nikzad S ،  Azari A. An introduction to Computer Guided Implantology; literature review، historical background and basic concepts. Journal of Dental Medicine, 2010;23(1):49-60


  •  Baghai Naini R ،  Nokar S ،  Borghei H.A three-dimensional finite element analysis of peri-implant bone stress and strain distribution in All-on-4 design.Journal of Dental Medicine, 2010;23(2):104-112


  • Yaghobee S ،  Esmaeili V.Evaluation of the effect of the ergonomic principles instructions on the dental studentspostures; an ergonomic assessment.Journal of Dental Medicine, 2010;23(2):121-127


  • Panjnoush M ،  Mirzaey M ،  Tari M.Pre-implant linear tomography using film-screen and Photostimulable Phosphor Plate in mandible .Journal of Dental Medicine, 2010;23(2):128-133


  • A. Pakdaman ،  G. Meighani. Diagnosis and Management of Supernumerary (Mesiodens): A Review of the Literature. Journal of Dentistry of Tehran University of Medical Sciences, 2010;7(1):41-49


  • Soleyman Shayeste Y ،  Khorsand A ،  Mahvidy zade S ،  Nasiri M. Clinical and radiographic evaluation of pured beta-tricalcium phosphate  and autogenous bone graft in treatment of two to three wall periodontal defects. Journal of Dental Medicine, 2011;23(3):183-190


  • A. Pakdaman ،  G. Meighani. Diagnosis and Management of Supernumerary (Mesiodens): A Review of the Literature. Journal of Dentistry of Tehran University of Medical Sciences, 2010;7(1):41-49


  • MS. Ahmad Akhoundi ،  M. Rahmati Kamel ،  T. Hooshmand....Assessment of Bond Strength between Metal Brackets and Non-Glazed Ceramic in Different Surface Treatment Methods. Journal of Dentistry of Tehran University of Medical Sciences, 2010;7(2):64-70


  • M. Javaheri ،  S. Maleki-Kambakhsh ،  Sh. Etemad-Moghadam. Efficacy of Two Caries Detector Dyes in the Diagnosis of Dental Caries. Journal of Dentistry of Tehran University of Medical Sciences, 2010;7(2):71-76


  • S. Zarrati ،  F. Mahboub.Marginal Adaptation of Indirect Composite, Glass-Ceramic Inlays and Direct Composite: An In Vitro Evaluation. Journal of Dentistry of Tehran University of Medical Sciences, 2010;7(2):77-83


  • M. Mirzaei ،  M. Ghavam ،  T. Rostamzadeh.Reinforcement of Unsupported Enamel by Restorative Materials and Dentin Bonding Agents: An In Vitro Study. Journal of Dentistry of Tehran University of Medical Sciences, 2010;7(2):84-88


  • AAR. Rasouli Ghahroudi ،  AR Talaeepour ،  A. Mesgarzadeh ،  AR. Rokn ،  A. Khorsand ….Radiographic Vertical Bone Loss Evaluation around Dental Implants Following One Year of Functional Loading .Journal of Dentistry of Tehran University of Medical Sciences, 2010;7(2):89-97


  • H. Kermanshah ،  Sh. Ghabraei ،  T. Bitaraf.Effect of salivary contamination during different bonding stages on shear dentin bond strength of one-step self-etch and total etch adhesive. Journal of Dentistry of Tehran University of Medical Sciences, 2010;7(3):132-138


  • L. Sadighpour ،  S. Rezaei ،  F. Geramipanah ،  M. Mohammadi ،  Choubchian. Comparison of Two Techniques for Evaluation of Coronal Leakage Along of a Glass Fiber Post. Journal of Dentistry of Tehran University of Medical Sciences, 2010;7(3):124-131


  • A. Sodagar ،  R. Rafatjoo ،  D. Gholami Borujeni ،  H. Noroozi ،  A. Sarkhosh. Software Design for Smile Analysis. Journal of Dentistry of Tehran University of Medical Sciences, 2010;7(4):170-178



  • Razmi H, Parvizi Sh, Khorshidian A. Comparison of AH26 physicochemical properties with two AH26/antibiotic combinations.IEJ 2010 ;5(1):6-10


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  • Aminsobhani M, Ghorbanzadeh A, Bolhari  B….Coronal  microleakage in root canals obturated with lateral compaction , warm vertical compaction and GuttaFlow system. Iranian journal of endodontics 2010; 5(2):83-6


  • Aminsobhani M, Shokouhinejad   N, Ghabraei Sh, ……Retreatment of a 6-canalled mandibular first molar with four mesial canals: A case report. Iranian journal of endodontics 2010; 5(3):138-140


  • Ramzi H, Shokouhinejad N,  Saghir MAi, Samieefard A.Efficacy of three different methods in retreatment of root canals filled with Resilon/Epiphany SE. Iranian journal of endodontics 2010; 5(4):161-6




  •         F Agha-Hosseini , K Borhan-Mojabi , HR Monsef-Esfahani, Etemad- Moghadam S… Efficacy of purslane in the treatment of oral lichen planus. Phytother. Res  2010; feb 24:240-244


  •          Babaee N, Mansourian A, Momen-Heravi F....The efficacy of a paste containing Myrtus communis (Myrtle) in the management of recurrent aphthous stomatitis: a randomized controlled trial. Clinical Oral Investigations  2010; 14(1): 65-70   


  •        Khedmat S, Assadian H, Saravan AA. Root Canal Morphology of the Mandibular First Premolars in an Iranian Population Using Cross-sections and Radiography.Journal of endodontics 2010 Feb;36(2):214-7


  •       Shokouhinejad N,Sasbeti MA, Hasheminasab M… Push-out Bond Strength of Resilon/Epiphany Self-etch to Intraradicular Dentin after Retreatment: A Preliminary Study Journal of endodontics 2010 Mar;36(3):493-6.


  •    Nokar S, Baghai Naini R.The effect of superstructure design on sress distribution in peri-implant bone during mandibular flexure.The international journal of oral & maxillofacial implants.2010 Jan-Feb; 25(1):31-7 


  •  Shabestari GO, Soleimani Shayesteh Y, Alikhasi M,… Implant Placement in Patients with Oral Bisphosphonate Therapy: A Case Series. Clin Implant Denti Relat Res 2010 Sep;12(3):175-80


  •   Bayat M, Momeni-heravi F , Khalilzadeh O…Comparison of conchal cartilage graft with nasal septal cartilage graft for reconstruction of orbital floor blowout fractures. British Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery 2010;48(8):617-620


  •  Bayat M, Momeni-heravi F ,Marjani M... A comparison of bone reconstruction following application of bone matrix gelatin and autogenous bone grafts to alveolar defects: An animal study. Journal of Cranio-Maxillofacial Surgery 2010;38(4):288-92


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