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In 2009


  • Afshar H,Shahrabi M, Salami K.Prevalence of missing and supernumerary teeth in 3-5 years old, kindergarten children of Tehran.The Journal of Islamic dental association 2009;20(4):273-277

  • Hasani Tabatabaee M, Tabatabaee  H,Pahlavan A…..Antiviral  effect of different sterilization and disinfection methods on internal tubes of dental handpiece.The Journal of Islamic dental association 2009;20(4):301-308


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  Sahabi M., Gerami A, Adib-Rad M.Evaluation of fixed splinting in periodontally compromised abutments: utilizing 3-D finite element method (FSA). The Journal of Islamic dental association 2009;21(1):40-49



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  • Nokar S., Jalali H., Farid F Fracture resistance of two different designs in fiber-reinforced composite restoration in mandibular anterior bridges: An in-vitro study. The Journal of Islamic dental association 2009;21(3):229-234


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  • Ghorbanzadeh A. ،  Boulhary B. ،  Motahhary P. ،  Sharifi A. ،  Kashani H. An ex vivo comparison of detection ability of three methods in discovering of MB2 canal in maxillary molars Journal of Dental Medicine, 2009;22(2):142-148


  • Kermanshah H. ،  Hashemi Kamangar S. ،  Arami S. ،  Mirsalehian A….. In vitro evaluation of antibacterial activity of hydroalcoholic extract of Salvia officinalis and Pimpinella anisum against cariogenic bacteria Journal of Dental Medicine, 2009;22(2):149-154


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  • AR. Rokn ،  AAR. Rasouli Ghahroudi ،  AS. Miremadi ،  MJ. Kharazi fard. Implant Stability Changes During Early Phase of Healing and Suggested the Fast Time of Loading: A Clinical Trial Study with ITI SLA Implants. Journal of Dentistry of Tehran University of Medical Sciences, 2009;6(2):16-23


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  • MS. Ahmad Akhoundi ،  M. Rahmati Kamel   … Bond Strength of Metal Brackets and Non-Glazed Ceramic with Three Different Surface Treatment Methods. Journal of Dentistry of Tehran University of Medical Sciences, 2009;6(4):198-204


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