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Orthodontic Software

1-Orthodontic treatment planning Software


This software proposes orthodontic treatment plans. You give the characteristics of each patient to the software and it tells you how to treat the patient by orthodontics (i.e., which teeth to extract, which types of anchorages to apply, which appliances to use …). This is almost the only sophisticated orthodontic treatment planning software in the market. You may come across several software with “treatment planning” labels, but they are either practice management or VTO software and none of them really tell you how to treat each patient. It is introduced in  the American Journal of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics and International Journal of Orthodontics.


If you have a high speed Internet connection, you can watch a 10 minute Demo of the software :



If you want to use this software and you have not installed Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1 on your computer previously, you should do it first. You can download it from the Microsoft website at no cost. You can also download it right here:

Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1

(File size = 23.1 MB)


Then you should install the orthodontic treatment planning software. You can download it now:


(File size = 14.7 MB) 


This software requires Microsoft Windows or a 100% compatible operating system, a Pentium (tm) or newer processor, and 64Mb of system memory. A minimal installation requires approximately 50 Mb of disk space. You will have a one-month free trial version of the software. Please do not change the time and date of your computer after installation of the software. Incorrect changes of the time and date after the installation may cause the trial version stop working even before 30 days. After one month, the software will produce a "machine key" that is specific to your computer. You should send this machine key to your distributor by an e-mail to receive a serial number in return. Entering the serial number into your computer enables you to work with the software indefinitely. Once the serial number has been issued, the program is non-refundable. The issued serial number is unique to each computer.

For your scientific questions contact Dr Hassan Noroozi, the software developer, at NorooziH@yahoo.com





2-Smile Analysis Software


smile analysis software(file 1)

smile analysis software(file 2)

smile analysis software(file 3)

smile analysis software(file 4 )


For your scientific questions contact Dr Ahmad Sodagar, the software developer, at ...

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