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In 2007



Invited  lecturer :

  • Geramy A. Biomechanics in dentistry at the faculty of mathemetics and mechanical engineering. karazin kharkov National university Ukraine 2007 23 October


  • Geramy A.Analyzing 3D models (FEM).3rd asid congress on craniofacial surgery & distraction osteogenesis.Maldives 2007 29 April-4 May


  • Geramy A .FEM. International conference APOC. Azerbaijan 2007 12-13 May.


 83rd  congress of the European orthodontic society (EOS ) 2007 June 20-24


  • Hard Tissue Rsponse to aAnterior Tooth Retrection

Hosseinzadeh Nik T, Nourozi S. Ahmadi E


IADR/AADR/CADR 85th general session and exhibition.2007 March 21-24

  •  Micro leakage Comparison in Conventional or Lased Restorations

S. Shahabi


FDI annual world dental congress 2007 October 24-27.Dubai

  • Comparison of Bcl-2 Expression Between Odontogenic Keratocyst and Keratinized Odontogenic Cyst

Pouria Motahhary, Fereshteh Baghaie Naeini


  •  SEM evaluation of vertical and horizontal discrepancy in implant supported prostheses

Hakimeh Siadat, Ali Mirfazaelian, Marzieh Alikhasi


The 3rd international congress on pulmonary disease , intensive care and tuberculosis.2007 October 15-18.Iran

  • Evaluating the Level of Knowledge of General Dentist, Working in Tehran, Dealing with Asthmatic Patients

Dr. N. Bahrami, A. Mohammadnia


  •  The Evaluation of the Antivirus Effect of Various Disinfectants of Dental Hand pieces

Dr. N. Bahrami. A. Mohammadnia


  • The Willingness of the Dentists Towards Treating an HIV-Infected Patient and its Related Factors

Dr. N. Bahrami. A. Mohammadnia



Biomaterials Iran 1st international conference .2007 November 12-15.Iran

  • The super elastic property evaluation of NITI Orthodontics Arch wire using Modified Bending Test

Nili-Ahmadabadi, M, Hosseinzadeh. Nik, T


  • Extent of Polymerization of one an experimental dentin bonding resins cured with blue light-emitting diodes (LEDS) using Differential scanning calorimetry

Jafarzadeh Kashi, T.S. Erfan, M



  • Relation between magnetic susceptibilrry of dental alloys and metal artifacts in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)

Shafiei, F. Honda, E, Takahashi, H.



  • In Vitro cytototxicity effects of fixed metallic orthodontic appliances on gingival fibroblasts cell cultures

Alaeddini M, Aghajani, F Hacopian, N Akhoundi, M.S. A, Shokrgozar



  • Microhardness evaluation of resin based luting cements through ceramic

Hooshmand, T., Keshvad, A.R



  • Evaluation of wear and bonding of 4 type of acrylic teeth

Monzavi A., Mirmohammadrezaie, S., Sabih, S., Ameri, N., Dorghe, G., Bahrami, N.



  • The effect of Liquid concentration on thermal expansion of phosphate bonded investment

Aghajani F., Noorollahi-Moghaddam



  • Evaluation the tensile bond strength of bonding the metal brackets bonded to glazed ceramic with three different surface treatment methods

Akhoundi M.S.A, RahmatiKamel M.


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